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Legal Services  


    An extension of our multi-system and specialized at lawyer and legal and legitimacy consulting through our experience in excess of seventeen years. and through  our offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, which provides services in this great work.

 We are pleased and happy to provide services containing activity: the efforts and work of the Office which is in the area of specialization, where enjoys wide support among a wide range of businessmen and businesswomen.

  The Office has a number of consultants and retired judges and collaborators with highly experience  to provide the following services:


    Arguing cases before the General District Courts and the Office of the Ombudsman of all kinds, whether Civil, commercial, legal, labor, administrative, banking, or criminal.

Providing legal and legitimacy advice.

Providing Counseling and study of banking issues and litigate them before the Banking Commission.

Drafting of special contracts and agreements of all kinds.

Execution of judgments and arbitral and collect the money.

Establishment  , registration and stalemates  of companies and create out  the internal regulations.

Registration of trademarks and commercial agencies of all kinds, as well as franchising contracts , industrial licensing and patents.

Protection of intellectual property rights of all kinds.

Legal control of commercial fraud of all kinds.

Follow-up licensing of foreign investment.

To arbitration in the various types of disputes.

Issues of closure and unfair trade competition.

Preparation of notes , studies and legal researches.

Preparation of draft rules and regulations and study of them.

Attendance of  meetings that require the presence of legal advisor.

Several of  other Advising services which is related to conclusion of international & negotiations contracts.

 Since the Office has  unique specialization in the apportionment of inheritance and an end to all actions and matters related thereto, so the office created out  number of their Highnesses the princes and businessmen in different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  From the inheritance and estate, appraisal and preparation of accounts and valuation of acquisition and settlements  of companies and so on.

We are also pleased to provide the following acts:

first: The inventory of all property and possessions of the deceased from fixed or movable assets such as real estate, lands, bank accounts, contributions and debt to others.
second: the valuation and the estimation of such property and assets and the preparation of this data by our experts and our consultants using anecdotal jurisdiction of the real estate and the people of the experience of businessmen and real estate known in each region separately.

third: sorting and assessment is recommended that one-third found by the deceased and the follow-up procedures to do so in the Islamic court, including the selection of the real-estate  is recommended and appropriate for the magnitude of the interests of the recommended and an end of procurement and Counterpart procedures.

fourth: Sort minors share of the total estate (financially and in kind) and an end to all legal procedures and discharge with the follow-up of trusteeship and development his funds legally.

fifth: The sharing  of the estate among the heirs and carry out all necessary actions in this and the courts competent in writing of Justice and the relevant authorities.

Sixth: Follow-up of other authorities such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and quit all applications and procedures for the heirs and the continuation of rights :

Seventh : Office is committed to the work of inventory , assessment and evaluation of all real estate in addition to procedures for the division and end the third and the share of minor and submitted to the court within a specified time period to be agreed with the heirs with the commitment of survivors by providing all the ways and means of cooperation quick and to do so, and drops it was delay because of the dates of the Court The official proceedings.

Eighth : Office is committed to observe absolute secrecy about all the deceased's belongings and personal and financial affairs.

Ninth : The Office reform process, conciliation and arbitration between the heirs of each other and that at the outbreak of any differences or problems between them.

Tenth : The Office is accepting applications for the discharge of those claims, rights and discussion and then bring them to court to prove their right to legally.

Eleventh : The Office to take over all the cases heard in the courts of the deceased or his heirs or against them, including emerging as well as the collection of debts owed.

In addition to that ,  our legal offices  practice and professing legal skills, which includes:
- The drafting of all contracts and documents and review

-Commercial transactions and trade-offs

 -Import and export

-Construction Contracts

-International Trade

-Joint agreements

-Government and private tenders

-The drafting of regulations, notes and letters

-Sheets and regulations of the claim and respond to

- Interceptor Regulations rulings and decisions

- Communications in all its forms and guidance

-Represent you before all the courts in various degrees

-Supreme Judicial Council
-The Court of Cassation

-Office of the Ombudsman - auditing departments

-General Courts - criminal courts

- Elementary Labor bodies and high for the settlement of labor disputes

-Commissions of customs and tax

-Office of commercial paper disputes

- Banking Disputes Settlement Committee
- crimes  and criminal cases .

- Cases of murder and retribution
Discretionary Penalty and Limits
-Fraud and bribery
-Abuse of power
-Compensation issues and claims false and malicious
-Insults and abuse issues
-Mental effects and drug smuggling
-Traffic issues


Personal - general status cases

The apportionment of the estate and inheritance 

Extraction instruments of death and determination of heirs.
-Show the share of heirs and distribution .
-Stay and testament.

Issues and labor rights of workers and employees

-Unfair dismissal
-Employees end of service benefit
-Exchange of benefits between insurance and Civil and military retire.


Issues of companies and institutions
Registration and settlement  
-The drafting of establishment contracts and statutes and its Annexes
-Regulations for the work at the companies.
-The drafting of internal regulations for workers.
-Contribute to the formulation of various regulations relating to its various departments.
such as purchases, marketing and organization of work.
- Legal, regulatory Consulting


  Trademark  and commercial agencies

-Regular registration at the Ministry of Commerce.
- Regulation  protection of the name and mark and registered trade Agency
Actions against those infringing and counterfeit it.


Commercial issues

- Litigation in cases of worthless checks, bills and bonds to the order at
the office  of Settling
the commercial paper disputes at the Ministry of Commerce
-Preparation and follow-up to the issues of commercial fraud and cover-up and dumping
And mortgage, competition and customs exemptions and industrial licenses.


Patent rights

-Registration of patents at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, The GCC Patent Office , and the World Intellectual Property and  protection against abuse .

Intellectual Property Rights

Protection of author  copyright and his  literary ideas , recording and documenting it  
Through the Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia  and  regional and international organization.

Contributions to real estate and circulation

-Recording of a regular real estate  at  the Ministry of Commerce
-Supervision and follow-up and audit of all contributions Properties
-Oversee the process of buying and selling and trading shares

Foreign investment and funding

- Preparation and supervision of its conditions  and provisions
In accordance with the General Authority for Investment and its implementing regulations
-Preparation and follow-up of all banks provisions , banks and Governmental and private funds o to end the loan transactions and finance.

Conciliation and Arbitration

-The preparation of arbitration  provisions and its regulations according to the Saudi system of arbitration and its executive panel  .

To provide legal and  regulatory advice

-Submission and to respond during the twenty-four hours
To all clients
-Various segments and strata and personalities of the moral and legal