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Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Meshouah


         Was born in 1966.

         Bachelor of  Islamic Law "Shariaa" from the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.

          Studies in Education and Psychology for two years.

         Master of Islamic Law , a comparative study from Al-Azhar University.

          PhD in law for Dissertation of  (rights and duties of women in the Saudi labor system) in 1428H.

         A course of Advocacy in the front  of  Ombudsman Office from  Public Administration Institute.

          A course in English Language .

          A licensed lawyer by the Ministry of Justice under No. 44/1424H.

         Approved Arbitrator by the Ministry of Justice.

         A member of the Arab Lawyers Union.

         Vice-Chairman of National  Committee of Lawyers  at Council of commercial  Chambers in Saudi Arabia  for the previous session.

         Member of the Lawyers Committee in the Commerce and Industry Chamber in Riyadh for three sessions and  still up to now.

         Worked as a legitimate & legal advisor as a part-time for a number of government and private agencies.

         Worked as a legal adviser to the issues of land and a lawyer in Riyadh Municipality for a period of ten years.

         Provide legal &legitimacy consulting and  giving an opinion about the issues raised in a number of newspapers and magazines.

         A member of the Arbitration Chamber of the Regional Office of the Engineering Federation Organizations in Islamic countries.

         A member of the Arab Arbitration Centre, Cairo.

         A member of several information and legitimacy committees in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance.

         Writing daily and periodic reports in a number of newspapers and magazines. through  some of historical, intellectual and legal articles .

         A member of the participants in the meetings of the national dialogue.

          A member of the Arab Writers Union.

         A member of journalist body .

         Participated in a number of meetings, panel discussions and legal conferences at homeland  and abroad.

          Participated in  presenting a number of media programs and talk shows on radio and television.

         Participation in the mortgage Symposium entitled the importance of mortgage, Imam University in the Higher Institute for the Elimination , dated on  3/4/1430H.

         Participation in the seventh meeting of the law and legal advice offices  in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council on December 12, 2009 ,Kingdom of Bahrain.

          Writing weekly  at  Al-jazeerah and Okaz newspapers.

          Mandated to carry out a number of inspection tours to a number of Islamic centers and associations in: Britain, Philippines, Kenya, Ethiopia, Belgium, Switzerland, Malaysia.

         Founder of  Mohammed Bin Al-Meshouah Third cultural.


-          Participation at a number of Islamic meetings.

1-      Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques forum  for Muslim minorities, held in Edinburgh.

2-      Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Forum for minorities in the countries of the Caribbean Sea, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

3-      Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Forum, held in Islamabad in Pakistan .

-          Participation at a number a of legitimacy courses:
1 - Legitimate science session in Albania.
2 - Legitimate science session in Spain.
3 - Legitimate science session in Uganda.
4 - Legitimate science session in Singapore.
5 - Legitimate science session in Indonesia.

-          Participation in a number of legal courses &conferences at homeland and abroad, which include:
1 - Conference on the Future of Arbitration in the Arab world and its economic impact, held in Cairo.

2 - Training session for arbitrators qualification  in  construction contracts, held in Cairo.
3 - The third meeting of the law and legal advice offices at  the Gulf Cooperation Council,  held in Muscat.
4 First Saudi forum of arbitration from an Islamic perspective and an international , held  in Jeddah.

-          Author of several books:
1 - Vocabulary - publication - 1422 H, which is a variety intellectual and social articles.
2 The biography of Mohammed bin Nasser Al Aboudi, his life and his contributions and efforts in print, 1424 H.
3 - In the parade call - dialogues and meetings with a number of their honor scientists.